Cyclevision Helmet Gives Cyclists A Second Pair Of Eyes At The Back Of The Head

The expression "eyes in the back of the head" has a real commercial expression in the form of a new Australian startup Cyclevision. He suggests equipping the helmet with a dual set of CCTV cameras, each with a 160-degree viewing angle. The total is 320 - not a complete sphere, but enough to capture everything that happens in front of and behind the rider.

The cameras are equipped with wide-angle lenses and record Full HD video at 30 frames per second. Each device has its own 32GB memory card, the equivalent of 4 hours of video, which is automatically overwritten, replacing the oldest frames with fresh ones when the card is full. But this is unlikely to happen - the 3200 mAh battery provides only 2-3, 5 hours of operation of the entire system.

The micro-USB port is used to read video and recharge the batteries, and via Wi-Fi the cameras can be connected to a smartphone and broadcast the rear view to the gadget attached to the bicycle handlebars. This will help avoid risk in difficult situations on the road, but if an incident does happen, the victim will have a detailed record of the incident.

The technology is not new and is widely known among professional motorcyclists, but in the field of bicycles it could make a small revolution. The startup is still only raising funds using the Kickstarter platform, according to the plan, production should be launched by the summer of this year. If all goes well, each Cyclevision helmet will cost around $ 350.