Go Tenna Mesh keeps you connected even without a cellular network

How to send messages to smartphone users who are out of range or if there is no strong Wi-Fi signal? The go Tenna Mesh device can be a universal answer to this question.

Its predecessor, an SMS-walkie-talkie for communicating via a smartphone outside the coverage of cellular operators, provided communication only between two subscribers. go Tenna Mesh is much more powerful, networking multiple users. A very important feature is that the capabilities of the network increase as their number increases.

go Tenna Mesh is a small device that fits easily in your pocket. It forms its own cellular network, which is based on the MANET protocol. The function of cell towers is performed by go Tenna devices. Each of them is connected to "its" smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2 and with smartphones of other users, as a result of which a local network is formed.

go Tenna Mesh operates at UHF frequencies that are 40% more efficient than standard radios, providing reliable communications up to 6.5 km in open areas and up to 800 meters in rugged terrain. If this does not seem enough, then the user can create their own larger network by placing the Go Tenna Mesh at their discretion in several points. The cost of one device is $ 155.