Oculus co-founder criticizes Rift

Unexpectedly for everyone, co-founder and one of the leading engineers at Oculus VR, Jack McCauley, criticized his own product. The company was not present at the annual CES held in the first half of January, but Jack attended the event and shared with reporters his views on the further development of virtual reality. To the surprise of the global community, he wasn't referring to the Oculus Rift or the recently released Oculus Touch controllers.

The engineer believes that the future of virtual reality lies in its mobile versions - although now they do not have all the tools required for full immersion.

“Oculus VR has announced five million units of Gear VR have been shipped. This is a truly impressive result. A real hit of sales ... and it can be safely called mobile. "

At the same time, he quite sharply, but honestly, shared his opinion about the Oculus Rift, which has been on the free sale for more than six months.

“The device is heavy and expensive. The price of it needs to be drastically reduced, even if it requires a donation of some of the additional enhancements. "

However, not all VR enthusiasts agree with Jack McCauley. In their opinion, Oculus Rift has a number of advantages over mobile platforms, and if they want to save money, any buyer can try to find a discount or buy a device from a reseller using the accumulated points. Now, many non-technical sites allow you to buy electronics, offering to pay with bonuses in their stores - sometimes this way you can become the owner of a VR headset without spending money at all.

VR fans believe that the positive emotions received as a result of using the device will in any case override its cost, in addition, it is the Oculus Rift that currently has the best support and more content has been released on it than on any other VR headset available. the general public.