Pattern-changing clothing will report radiation or air pollution

New York-based designer Nicholas Bentel has joined the anti-pollution army. The series of Aerochromics shirts developed by him is not only a garment with an original black and white pattern, but also an indicator of air pollution around us.

The series presents shirts that react to excess carbon monoxide content in the air, excessive dust and increased radiation levels. Each of them has its own principle of work.

The composition of the shirt fabric, which reacts to carbon monoxide, includes chemical salts that lose oxygen atoms in its presence and change color from white to black. When the gas content is reduced, the color of the treated areas is restored and the pattern is visible again.

The shirt, which reacts to dustiness, is equipped with two sensors and a microcontroller that controls the heating of the parts of the ornament covered with thermo-paint. When heated, the color of the white areas changes to black.

Clothing that signals a change in pattern to radioactive radiation is still under development, but it is known that it will work on the basis of chemical dyes. Changes to her drawing will be one-time, the shirt cannot be returned to its original state.

The cost of shirts indicating radiation will be $ 650, while the other two models will cost $ 500 each. The high price tag suggests that this line of clothing is more a way to draw attention to the problem of environmental pollution than just fashionable shirts.