An unusual lamp will turn light into liquid

The DiMO lamp has just appeared on Kickstarter and has already managed to interest potential buyers with its unusual look. It combines two seemingly incompatible components - a French coffee press and a table lamp.

The concept of the luminaire is quite simple. DiMO consists of a plastic plunger tube with beech discs at the ends. The upper disc acts as a kind of piston. To turn off the light, you need to press it down until it stops.

A completely different picture can be observed when the piston rises. The light is immediately ignited, gradually increasing in volume as the piston rises. The plunger is made in such a way that not a single drop of light will leak out. Turning DiMO on and off will give you the feeling that you are playing with light as if it were liquid.

The light sources are LEDs located at the bottom of the bulb. The piston can be used to adjust the height and intensity of the light flux.

DiMO is produced in two versions - a classic one with a piston and an additional one with various “bells and whistles”, where instead of a piston there can be a “corkscrew”. The handles are available in three colors - red, white and yellow.

DiMO is currently available to order on Kickstarter for $ 62. Projected retail price around $ 100. The creators of the lamp hope that it will go on sale in February 2017.