Experts have calculated how much a real Darth Vader costume would cost

Star Wars hero Darth Vader has become one of Hollywood's most iconic movie villains. This does not diminish his truly world popularity, to which, by the way, he owes much to his unusual costume. Not so long ago, a group of specialists tried to "ask the price" for this miracle of technology in the distant future, and this is what came of it.

Since Imperial starships are not pressurized, Darth Vader must be prepared to stay in outer space, therefore his suit must at least have the properties of a spacesuit, which is used by the ISS crew today. Its cost is impressive - $ 12 million.

As you know, as a result of battles with his numerous enemies, Vader lost three limbs - both legs and an arm, in exchange for which high-tech prostheses were made. Today they would cost him roughly $ 180, 000. And taking into account regular maintenance and health insurance, this figure will increase to $ 5.4 million.

According to experts, Darth Vader's creepy helmet is nothing more than a multifunctional augmented reality helmet, similar to the one that the F-35 pilots are equipped with. Its cost is $ 600, 000.

Add to this list a $ 45, 000 breathing system and a $ 1, 000 sound synthesizer. In total, today Darth Vader would have cost 18.3 million dollars for his miraculous outfit.