5 laser rangefinders that will replace the tape measure

The good old tape measure has one serious drawback - the inability to measure long distances, which is quite within the power of modern digital laser rangefinders. One push of a button is enough to use them to calculate the area, volume and other characteristics of the object. It is not surprising that they are in growing demand, and the leading German manufacturers of measuring instruments produce laser roulettes.

Boch GLM 15

Absolutely devoid of all kinds of "bells and whistles". But that's the beauty of it. The controls are represented by just one button. Ideal for designers and realtors. Can measure lengths up to 15, 24 m with an accuracy of 3.2 mm. The device is very compact and fits in a purse or pocket.

Fluke 424D

One of the most sophisticated distance meters and is designed for 100 meters. In addition to the rangefinder, the device has a unique tilt sensor (180 degrees) for leveling and tracking the height and size of the angle. In addition, it can act as a compass.

Milwaukee 2282-20 Laser Distance Meter

Designed to work on complex construction sites. It can measure distances up to 80m with an accuracy of 1.5mm. Working in horizontal mode, it provides accurate angular measurements, as well as 7 different functions, including timer, calculation of length, volume, indirect measurements.

Laser distance meter Leica Disto D2

Compact device for work inside buildings under construction. With it, you can instantly calculate the distance up to 60 m with an accuracy of 1.5 mm, area and volume. Reliably protected from dust and moisture.

Laser rangefinder DeWalt DW030P

A device with a main and six auxiliary buttons. Calculates continuous distance, and uses the Aux buttons to measure square footage and take linear measurements.