The Lumir-C LED lamp shines without batteries or wires

LED lighting has become a part of our lives due to its low manufacturing cost and unique energy efficiency. Manufacturers are adding new features to the luminaires - sensors, wireless connectivity, dimming mechanisms and even built-in speakers. However, the developers of the Lumir-C LED luminaire went even further.

They "rid" the lamp of traditional energy sources - mains and batteries. All this will be replaced by a conventional candle, making Lumir-C indispensable in emergency situations and in places where electricity is considered a luxury.

The Lumir-C uses the same principle to generate power as the Lumen batteryless flashlight - the thermoelectric effect. In this case, it occurs when a small candle is burning. The resulting temperature difference creates an electrical voltage without any mechanism. If an ordinary candle gives illumination of 15 lumens, then with the help of Lumir-C this figure can be increased to 60 lumens.

The size of the Lumir-C is comparable to a bottle of water, and in appearance is somewhat reminiscent of a lighthouse. The legs at the base of the lamp are spaced apart for proper air flow to the burning candle. The transparent body protects the flame from the wind and does not obstruct the light. Above the candle is a radiator, where heat is collected and, thanks to the thermoelectric module, is converted into electricity.