ROLI - high-tech piano with flexible keyboard

Among the exhibits at CES 2016, the ROLI electronic piano has received well-deserved recognition as one of the best innovative products. The idea of ​​its creation belongs to the Englishman Roland Lamb.

While still a student of philosophy at Harvard University and part-time a jazz pianist, he invented a musical instrument with an unusual keyboard. However, this is not even a keyboard, but rather oblong bulges made of rubber and silicone, touching which you can produce a wide variety of sounds.

By the way, the technique of playing the ROLI is also noticeably different from that of the piano, where the main and only one is the percussion gesture. Although the percussion technique is preserved in ROLI, most of the sound effects are achieved by sliding your fingers along and along the keyboard in different directions. A rich sound palette and the ability to improvise with tones, melodies and rhythms is provided by solid software.

London startup ROLI is already three years old. During this time, Roland Lamb and his team have created three versions of an unusual instrument and won the Best Innovation prize at the just ended CES 2016. The startup has already raised more than $ 20 million in investments from renowned companies involved in the development and promotion of modern music technologies - Index Ventures, Balderton Capital and Universal Music Group.

A new tool called Rise 45 is already available for purchase for $ 1, 355.