Strava fitness bracelets inadvertently reveal the location of secret US military bases

Analysts from the American agency United Conflict Analysts found that the popular fitness app Strava meticulously captures and publishes data on the movement of US soldiers and officers. Those who use bracelets and trackers of this brand in everyday life. The scale of the leaks is such that the problem has already been ranked as a threat to America's national security.

After examining the general map of the Strava service, analyst Nathan Rousser uncovered the location of secret bases in Afghanistan and Syria, found the CIA's lair in Somalia, spied on patrol routes in the Falkland Islands and Mount Pleasant airbase in the UK. Wherever a soldier walked with a harmless household fitness bracelet, the application marked his path on a general map.

In addition to detecting hidden places, an experienced intelligence officer will receive a lot of interesting data. Where are the rest points, the arsenal and important facilities at the base, to which the officers go, how the supply system works, which zones the servicemen avoid, etc. In all fairness, this all works for all fitness bracelet wearers, making them suitable for industrial espionage in countries other than the United States.

There is no reason to blame Strava, the option to share maps and publish your data is designed to exchange information between users, not for surveillance. It is enabled by default so that people can see other people's results and can boast of their own, but a military officer must figure out how to enter the settings and uncheck the box?