BlackBow technology brings vintage Japanese fish traps back to life

BlackBow is preparing to market its own multi-hook system for fishing. It is designed for catching bait fish and is a type of sabiki, the Japanese trap system.

Now anglers have only a few ways to provide themselves with live bait. The main one is the use of networks, but this method has serious drawbacks. Nets are only suitable for shallow waters up to 10 meters deep and often leave fish in poor condition.

To solve this problem, the company has developed its BlackBow Rig system, which is a kind of trap. It is a flexible carbon fiber rod with many outgoing lines with hooks. The system is designed so that the lines do not get tangled with each other, and the angler can always control the position and behavior of their hooks.

The position of the lures is controlled by the length of the line used, and the hooks can be operated independently. If a fish is caught at one end of the BlackBow Rig, its movements will not affect the hooks and lines at the other end of the trap. The lures are easy to change and allow you to use several different types at the same time. This allows you to make a few test casts and determine which options work best on that particular day.

The company plans to release the first BlackBow Rig with three types of lures, each of which will be available with two hook sizes (large and small). These will be a fish skin simulator, baubles and shrimp.

The first copies of the BlackBow Rig will appear on sale in June this year, and their price will be 40 New Zealand dollars (about 1600 rubles).