Infrared keyboard warmer keeps you warm

With the beginning of the mass production of computers, an entire industry was formed, producing dozens of "accompanying" devices and gadgets. Two Danish computer scientists undertook to supplement their list. They have developed a small infrared hand warmer called the Envavo Heatbuff that attaches to the top of the keyboard in case the room is cold.

The device provides quite comfortable temperature in the range from +20 to 30 ° C without harming the keyboard. To ensure the most comfortable temperature, the heater can be tilted. The Envavo Heatbuff operates from a normal room outlet without generating unnecessary noise and consuming from 2 to 300 watts. In case of moving, it can be easily packaged.

As the developers assure, the device will be able to work in conjunction with any computer, warming not only the hands, but also the face. They hope that their invention will be appreciated by office workers, gamers, artists, as well as people suffering from circulatory disorders and arthritis.

Envavo Heatbuff can be found on Kickstarter, where it has already raised three times its original $ 11, 000. In the future, the device can be purchased for $ 72.