Kai is a digital assistant that makes any glasses "smart"

A new project has appeared on Kickstarter that offers to turn any pair of glasses into a smart gadget. It's called Kai and has already caught the attention of users.

Kai is a small device that attaches to the headband of regular glasses and gives them new smart features. The gadget is equipped with a microphone and is fully voice controlled. For example, it can be used to instruct the glasses to call a taxi, call the desired subscriber, or turn on the navigation mode.

The full list of Kai's capabilities is quite extensive: among them are smart home control functions, Internet search, access to a personal organizer and even a calorie counter. In fact, the gadget is a full-fledged digital assistant that is constantly located behind the user's ear and is controlled by voice. It does not require manual operation or a display that obscures the field of view in traditional smart glasses.

Among other things, the smart module has a walkie-talkie function that allows you to send and receive voice messages from other Kai users.

The device measures 4x2x1.5 cm, weighs about 70 g, and is offered in three colors: black, white and blue. Enthusiasts who are the first to support Kai on Kickstarter will be priced at $ 130. The smart module will start shipping in August 2017.