Folding wind turbine will charge your smartphone in the middle of the wilderness

Recently, many compact solar chargers have appeared, which are still highly dependent on the length of daylight hours and the intensity of sunlight. Master of Industrial Design Niels Farber proposed his own version of the charger - a portable wind turbine.

The idea for a portable wind turbine came to him after conversations with climbers, travelers and filmmakers, who told the young inventor about the shortcomings of solar panels. The new device became the theme of his graduation project.

To test the stability of folding mechanisms and their performance at different wind speeds, Farber created a series of digital and real models. He also tested several variants of voltage converters, batteries and printed circuit boards to regulate incoming and outgoing loads, thereby completing the necessary electronics.

The result is a device weighing less than 1 kg, which is much less than the existing counterparts. It takes just a few seconds to deploy. Unlike a solar generator, a wind turbine can operate at any time of the day in the presence of wind.

Catching wind from all directions to the generator is provided by a special vertical axis of the rotor on the cylinder shaft. High performance is maintained even at low wind speeds. Thus, at a wind speed of 18 km / h, a constant power output of 5 watts is provided. The received energy goes to the battery or to the USB output.

Niels Farber is currently looking for investors to implement the project.