DietSensor calculates calories in your food and helps you lose weight

To the very numerous means for losing weight, one more has been added - the DietSensor device, designed to scan food products in order to determine their calorie content. The gadget was presented at the CES 2016 exhibition in Las Vegas.

This is a molecular sensor that works in conjunction with a smartphone equipped with a special application. In size, it is commensurate with a deck of cards, so it can easily become a constant companion for everyone who has decided to lose weight. In the sphere of his "competence" dairy, meat products, yoghurts, cereals, bread.

The DietSensor can also be programmed for cooked or raw foods, including meat, fish, poultry and salad dressings. According to the representative of the company-co-founder Remy Bonasse, the more the gadget is used, the more extensive its database becomes, and, consequently, its capabilities.

The device is a broadband, infrared spectrometer that uses a beam of light that scans between an object and a sensor and reads molecular information. Each "bounce" of light is different from the previous one, which creates the possibility of identification.

Among the important advantages of the gadget is the ability to assess the risk of poisoning with a particular product. Unfortunately, DietSensor has not yet "learned" how to determine the volume of food, so it must be entered manually.

Estimated cost of the device is £ 170 plus £ 13 monthly app fee.