Xandem Home security system uses radio waves to detect movement

If you have long wanted to secure your home with the network of invisible rays that we often see in the movies, then you will certainly be interested in Xandem Home - a system that detects the slightest movement, even through walls and furniture. It includes sensors that, when connected to the mains, form a single wireless network.

Currently existing systems, as a rule, control no more than one room. In contrast, Xandem Home can monitor entire floors without installing video cameras.

According to the creator of the system, Joy Wilson, he and his colleagues have developed a completely new sensing technology based on radio waves. It allows individual parts of the system to create a continuous field, penetrated by invisible rays that fix any movement.

The Xandem Home system consists of 10-15 sensors, depending on the size of the protected object. To install it, 15 minutes are enough - exactly as long as it takes to insert the sensors into the sockets. Then the installed system is connected to a cloud device connected to the Internet, after which the nodes and mode of operation are configured.

Xandem Home is controlled via the Internet or using a special mobile application for iOS and Android. It allows you to enable and disable the system, as well as change its settings.