Google creates medical smartwatches

Internet giant Google is actively interested in both the wearable electronics market and the medical field. He was able to combine his two "interests" in a smartwatch with a medical bias.

Google has created a unique smartwatch that is unlikely to ever hit retail stores. But they will find application in medicine due to their wide capabilities. The watch can detect indicators such as heart rate, body temperature, ambient noise and light intensity. Their use, together with special software, will facilitate the diagnosis and will allow you to monitor the patient's condition when he is out of the hospital. Also, the device will help to identify early signs of the disease.

"Our development should be a medical device and is intended for use in clinical trials and will be assigned to patients, " - said in a telephone conversation with Bloomberg the head of the Google development team Andy Konrad.

Developers of smart watches with a medical bias from the Google X division plan to start collaborating with leading drug manufacturers and medical scientists, as well as obtain all the necessary certifications for the device. Testing of the unique device will begin this summer.