Portable audio recorder Olympus VP-10 removes extraneous noise from recording

Participants of press conferences probably had to face a problem related to the inability to make a high-quality recording of a speech on a dictaphone due to extraneous noise. The creators of the Olympus VP-10 sound recorder sent it to the past.

The developers have managed to build into it a noise-canceling algorithm, which is also called "anti-noise" technology. The filters in the device determine the difference between voice and extraneous noise, after which the latter are highlighted and cut, leaving a high quality voice recording.

The Olympus VP-10 also features voice balancing to bring out the low voice of the speaker in the foreground while reducing background noise. Recording is turned on with a single press of a button, even when the power is turned off. Those who take notes of the speech can use the transcription mode, which reproduces the last three seconds of the speech.

The audio recorder has 4 GB of memory, which allows it to work for 1620 hours and then dump the recorded information to a computer. No cable is required for this, as the Olympus VP-10 has its own USB connector through which you can also charge the battery.