Smart bike handles guide you the right way

A group of Canadian engineers has developed the smrtGRIPS device, which is a high-tech bicycle handlebar grips. They work in tandem with a smartphone, thanks to a special application for Android and iOS. Before starting the journey, the cyclist indicates the destination in the application and can set off on the road, completely trusting his electronic guide.

Already on the way, the cyclist will receive information about turns by vibration of the right or left handle or in the form of sound messages. The traveler will also be warned about traffic problems on the road.

With smrtGRIPS you can find a bike if it is lost. In order, for example, to find it in the parking lot among several hundred other bicycles, a prearranged signal is given from a smartphone and the bike begins to emit characteristic sounds that the owner knows.

If cyclists are traveling in a group, and one of them is behind or lost, the group will be immediately notified of this.

Anyone can become the owner of a useful gadget by paying $ 69 or £ 45.