CHAARGO wallet charges dead gadgets from a distance

In July this year, an unusual CHAARGO wireless charger will enter the market, which can permanently solve the problem of dead gadgets. CHAARGO is a 4000 mAh ultra-slim powerbank (125% iPhone 7) in wallet format. To recharge the gadget, you do not need to carry a charger or wires with you - just put it on your wallet and it will work again.

CHAARGO is made of leather / aluminum combination and uses Qi 1.2 fast wireless charging standard. This standard guarantees the same charging speed as a regular socket. The powerbank itself is recharged using a 2, 1 A adapter and a USB-C cable in four hours. The battery status is indicated by a color LED indicator.

Inside CHAARGO are:

  • Note compartment;
  • Coin pocket;
  • Three large card slots.

The dimensions of the wallet itself are 115x95x15 mm, and the weight is 205 grams.

If your phone supports wireless charging, you don't have to worry about anything else. It is enough to put it on your wallet and it will start receiving energy. See below for a list of supported phones.

For owners of other phones, CHAARGO manufacturers will provide a free wireless charging adapter that will be sent to them along with the device. CHAARGO will retail for £ 75.