StikBox - selfie stick that transforms into a phone case

Selfie sticks continue to conquer the world. However, they have one significant drawback - due to their size, they are not very convenient to constantly carry with you. But for the StikBox device, this problem is absolutely irrelevant.

StikBox is a selfie stick and iPhone case in one package. The idea of ​​creating the device belongs to Ekutiel Sherman.

“One day I was walking through the market, ” he recalls, “and saw a booth where a seller displayed selfie sticks and mobile phones. Then I said to myself: Why carry two things with you when you can combine them into one. "

StikBox is a telescopic structure consisting of 7 aluminum sections. In the "stowed" position, they are in a case, to which they are attached and, if necessary, removed from there. Thus, to bring the StikBox into working condition, you need to open the tripod and turn the iPhone towards you. The maximum length of the stick is about 72 cm.

The developers have launched a Kickstarter fundraising campaign. To start the production of an accessory, you need to collect about 50 thousand dollars. Estimated retail price $ 44. Delivery to customers is expected to begin in May 2016.