Wacom Bamboo Spark digitizes notes and drawings without special paper

The family of gadgets capable of digitizing manuscripts and transferring them to a computer or mobile device has been replenished with a new product - the Wacom Bamboo Spark. Unlike its predecessors, it does not require special paper or a pen with a mini camera.

Wacom Bamboo works a little differently. An ordinary sheet of paper is placed on an electromagnetic resonance board. A special pen with special ink was developed for writing. While you write or sketch on paper, the board will recognize the ink and reproduce the printed image on the display of the digital device.

The gadget (if there is a special application) is able to memorize up to 100 pages of text and makes it possible to edit it. The device is charged via a USB connector. It is enough for 8 hours of work.

The Wacom Bamboo will cost $ 160, plus $ 10 refills with special ink for three pens.