Kyocera Proteus is a prototype smartphone that takes the form of a smart bracelet

The Japanese high-tech company Kyocera took part in the CEATEC 2014 exhibition. At the event, it presented its new development to the public - the flexible design Kyocera Proteus. The main distinguishing feature of the novelty is the ability to take the form of both a smartphone and a device worn on the wrist in the form of a bracelet or watch.

Kyocera Proteus is a prototype device that features a frameless flexible OLED display and some chips. Thanks to this, the gadget can be used both as a regular smartphone and as a smart bracelet, after bending it. Kyocera Proteus is also proposed to be attached to other objects, for example, on the handlebars of a motorcycle or bicycle.

While the Kyocera Proteus is at the prototype stage and when the device will be ready to enter the market, it is difficult to say at the moment. When developing the final version of a unique gadget, Kyocera is likely to face a number of difficulties in terms of electronic components, most of which, unlike the display, do not have the necessary flexibility.