Russian has created a smart insole for smartphone control

Mobile devices in the form of tablets and smartphones have become part of our lives. We can control them with our fingers, gestures, voice commands and the now popular smart watches. However, the Russian inventor proposes to control some functions of gadgets with the help of ... an insole.

Russian Igor Barinov, together with a team of enthusiasts, created a unique insole for shoes called FootSense, which will allow the user to control his mobile device not with his hands, but with his feet. For example, by pressing your thumb you can make a phone call to a specific number. All "filling" is covered directly in the insole. By the way, it is able to withstand a person weighing up to 100 kg.

The FootSense insole, according to its developer, will make life easier not only for gamers and active users of mobile devices, but also for athletes and people with disabilities.

When FootSense will go on sale and whether it will appear at all, is still unknown. It is only reported that Igor Barinov plans to collect money for the implementation of an ambitious project with the help of collective financing at one of the specialized Internet sites.