IPhone can now detect skin cancer

As you know, the earlier a cancer is diagnosed, the more chances for a successful cure. Therefore, doctors and scientists from different countries do not stop working on the creation of new methods for the rapid diagnosis of cancer. Thanks to them, now it is possible to identify skin cancer using an iPhone smartphone.

A group of scientists from the University of Houston has developed a special application for detecting skin cancer using the iPhone. To do this, you need to install the DermoScreen application on your smartphone and connect a special attachment to the main iPhone camera, consisting of a magnifying glass and LEDs for illumination. The program will process the resulting image, analyze it and make a conclusion with an accuracy of 85%. All this will take less than a minute.

Currently, a unique system is being tested at the Anderson Cancer Center, which operates on the basis of the University of Texas. When doctors and patients will get access to it, it is still unknown.

The cost of software and special optics is $ 500. The system can be used both for screening in medical institutions and for self-diagnosis.

By the way, earlier British scientists from the University of Cambridge presented a gadget for diagnosing cancer by breathing. However, while this is a test sample and it is too early to talk about the release of the final version of the device.