Scientists from South Korea have created a "smart" patch

With the usual plaster, which we are used to using, it is connected only by the method of attachment to the body. For the rest, it is a unique gadget capable of monitoring the patient's condition and, in some cases, dosed injecting the necessary medications into the body. Which can be very useful, for example, when the patient is forgetful or to avoid overdose.

When creating a novelty, the developers were guided, first of all, by the principle of maximum patient safety. The medicine enters the body strictly in portions and upon reaching a positive effect, its access is terminated. The gadget is made of a special stretchable material containing silicon dioxide nanoparticles. The dimensions of the patch are 5 x 2 cm, and the thickness is 0, 003 mm.

The advantages of the novelty have already been appreciated by patients suffering from Parkinson's disease. When seizures occurred, the patch began to release the required dose of medication. Its supply immediately stopped as soon as the attack was localized.