Peek-I - Spy Periscope Lens for Smartphone

An interesting project was launched on the IndieGoGo crowdfunding platform. This is a miniature gadget that can turn an iPhone into a spy device.

The unique device was named Peek-I. It is a miniature attachment that attaches to the iPhone camera with special magnets and allows you to take photos and videos at right angles. In other words, Peek-I is a periscope lens with a mirror system.

According to the developers, Peek-I is so small that it is very difficult to spot it. This allows for covert shooting.

Currently, the Peek-I project is at the fundraising stage, and in just a few days, IndieGoGo users donated an amount six times the amount originally required to support it. You can support the project and order a periscope lens now for 15 US dollars.