Google has created smart contact lenses

In early January, Google announced that it was working on contact lenses with a blood sugar measurement function. And recently the Internet giant received a patent for another development - "smart" contact lenses, which can work in tandem with Google Glass augmented reality glasses.

The description of the patent says that special sensors are built into the contact lenses that will monitor the movement of the eyes and the contraction of the pupils. Moreover, all these sensors can be of various sizes and shapes.

It is reported that the new Google lenses will work in conjunction not only with Google Glass, but also with other wearable devices, gaming helmets and systems, as well as smart TVs and Android mobile devices. Connection to them will be carried out wirelessly.

When Google's "smart" lenses will appear, and whether they will appear at all, we still do not know. Most likely, the project will be implemented not earlier than in a couple of years.