Google introduced a smartphone with a built-in 3D scanner

Internet giant Google has unveiled a prototype of a unique smartphone called Tango. Its distinctive feature is support for a 3D space modeling system.

A unique smartphone is being developed as part of the Project Tango project. The device is equipped with several sensors, including a 4MP main camera, a depth sensor and an additional motion-tracking camera, which are located on its back. They allow you to create a three-dimensional model of space and display it on the device screen. It is reported that the system produces up to 250 thousand measurements every second.

To process the information coming from the sensors, two special Myriad 1 processors are installed in the smartphone at once. They were created by the chip maker Movidius at the request of Google. It is also known that the smartphone has a 5-inch display and runs on the Android platform.

Google has already prepared two hundred Tango prototypes. They will be received by third-party developers who will have to test and evaluate the capabilities of the smartphone, as well as create special applications for it. When exactly the company will launch mass production of new items and whether it will launch at all, we still do not know.