Kennedy Space Center begins testing of the CT-2 tracked carrier

CT-2 (Crawler Transporter 2) is preparing to replace its predecessor, which has served its time, who has worked at the American cosmodrome for more than 45 years. The veteran's track record includes delivery of Saturn-5 carrier rockets to the launch site as part of the lunar program and reusable shuttles. The newcomer, in turn, will have to transport the giant SLS launch vehicle, which will launch the newest Orion spacecraft into orbit.

During the first stage of testing, the roller bearings of the traction motors were tested. According to the engineers, everything went smoothly. ST-2 is a deep modification of the previous project. It has a new temperature monitoring system, an improved lubrication system and 88 new roller traction bearing assemblies.

ST-2 has powerful potential. It is equipped with two 16-cylinder diesel engines with a capacity of 2200 hp each. 2 more engines, 2750 hp each. ensure the operation of the hydraulic pumps and the electrical system. The length of the giant conveyor is about 40 meters. It is capable of delivering a launcher and a rocket to the launch site, the total weight of which exceeds 8000 tons at a speed of 1.6 km / h.