TomTom unveils multifunction watch for athletes

TomTom is well known in sports circles as a creator of electronic devices for professional athletes and amateurs. Some of its latest additions are the TomTom Runner GPS watch for runners and the TomTom Multi-Sport for other sports.

The creators were inspired by the passionate desire of many athletes to control their parameters, regardless of what kind of sport they are involved in.

The watch is housed in an elegant thin case with a thickness of 11.5 mm. In addition to the wrist version, they can be installed, for example, on a bicycle handlebar using a special mount.

This unique watch has the most modern electronic filling, which includes various sensors, a touchscreen display with high resolution and amazing contrast. We should definitely mention the GPS / Glonass navigator, heart rate controllers and Bluetooth wireless communication, thanks to which all the information received can be transferred to a smartphone or computer.