Keyboard that can be printed on paper

The British company Novalia found a solution to the problem that did not allow a standard physical keyboard to change the layout of the keys at its discretion. To do this, instead of a regular keyboard, she suggests using a paper keyboard.

Developers from Novalia demonstrated a prototype of a unique keyboard, printed on paper. It consists of several layers of paper and a small module with a built-in controller. Moreover, on the first layer there are buttons printed using a metal matrix, and on the second there are conductive tracks that ensure the connection of the printed keys with the microcircuit.

The keyboard has a built-in Nordic Semiconductor microprocessor. It is designed to process information, which is then transmitted via the Bluetooth wireless interface to a paired computer or mobile device.

According to the authors of the project, you can print on paper a keyboard with any layout, a touchpad or controls for games. The creation of such a keyboard does not take a lot of time and money.

Sales of the unique keyboard will start at the end of this year. Its retail price is still unknown.