Designers have developed shoes with a built-in mine detector

A pair of good insoles can improve the situation with uncomfortable boots and save you from agony during a long journey. And thanks to the new development of Colombian designers, insoles can also save your life.

SaveOneLife - this is the name of the high-tech insoles invented by the Lemur Design studio from Colombia. Placed in shoes, they will be able to warn the owner about the presence of a deadly mine nearby.

The insoles work like a mine detector. They are made of electrically conductive material with a flat coil printed on it. The coil creates an electromagnetic field. When a person approaches a mine, its metal parts destroy the field, which is immediately detected by the built-in microcontroller and transmits the signal to the wrist indicator.

Colombia really has problems with landmines - anti-government rebel groups, drug gangs actively used them in their activities. The country has the second highest number of landmine casualties in the world after Afghanistan, with about 10, 000 casualties since 1990.

The SaveOneLife device was developed by the designer Ivan Perez. Currently, for economic reasons, the project is at the concept stage. Otherwise, nothing prevents the birth of this high-tech rescue device.