The Japanese introduced a smart bra

Following Microsoft, the Japanese company Ravijour, which specializes in the production of underwear, also presented its "smart" bra. An interesting novelty is called True Love Tester.

Unlike the Microsoft bra, the Japanese design will not save its owner from overeating. She has another, no less interesting function - to unfasten at the most suitable moment.

According to the developers, True Love Tester is made of nano-textiles and combines the functions of a smart gadget. In particular, thanks to the built-in sensors and sensors, the bra will monitor the woman's condition and track her heartbeat. All information is transmitted via a Bluetooth channel to a smartphone with a special application installed. Based on the data received, the program will determine the "suitable" moment and give the appropriate signal, after which the smart underwear will unbutton itself.

True, for the True Love Tester to work accurately, you must first analyze your heartbeat. It is known to change during excitement, during sports, shopping, when receiving gifts and in other circumstances.

Sales of the True Love Tester bra will start soon. Its cost is still unknown.