Microsoft has developed a "smart" elevator

Microsoft continues to test smart technology to make life easier for all of us. Following the bra that saves from overeating, she announced the development of a "smart" elevator, which will be able to independently choose the floor the passenger needs.

The development of the "smart" passenger elevator is a research division of Microsoft Research. The project uses artificial intelligence - a special self-learning system with several sensors, microphones and cameras. Thanks to this, the elevator can take the passenger to the floor he needs, based solely on his behavior and conversation. He will not have to press the buttons, the "machine" will do everything for him.

Our elevator is smart enough and can, for example, take a person to the second floor if he mentioned this in a conversation the day before, - said the head of the working group Peter Lee.

While the "smart" elevator from Microsoft is at the development stage, it is too early to talk about its mass use. However, it is possible that it will remain yet another project that has not been implemented.