Lumo Lift is a smart gadget for correct posture

Correct posture is not only beauty, but also a guarantee of back health. And the Lumo Lift gadget makes it easier to track your posture.

Lumo has officially announced a unique posture tracking device. Lumo Lift is a tiny gadget with a magnetic clip that attaches to clothing and ensures that the user does not slouch or drop their shoulders. A tiny vibration motor is provided to inform the user of incorrect posture.

All information is transferred to a smartphone with a special application installed. The program will display information about how many times the user slouched over the day. Also, the sensor records physical activity and calorie consumption.

So far, Lumo Lift is only compatible with iPhone and iPad, but, as the developers promise, support for Android mobile devices will appear in the near future.

Lumo Lift is currently available for pre-order on the manufacturer's official website. For "correct posture" you will have to pay 69.99 dollars.