The Egg electronic companion will keep your cat entertained

Pet owners know firsthand how bored their pets are alone. And if some pets "know" what to do with themselves in the absence of owners, others just sleep and eat. But this is fraught with obesity. This is where the curious gadget Egg comes to the rescue, the project of which was launched on the platform for collective fundraising Kickstarter.

Egg is a plastic egg that mimics the movement of small animals and responds to the touch of a cat or dog. In addition, during operation, the gadget reproduces various sounds that can interest a pet. All this will make your pet more mobile and active, and things left unattended will be safe and sound.

Autonomous operation of the device is provided by a built-in battery, which can be recharged via a USB port. In addition, through the computer, you can configure the Egg's operating mode.

The electronic cat companion project is currently in the fundraising stage. In a few weeks, the developer managed to collect more than 140 thousand dollars, although initially it took only 15 thousand to start mass production. You can support the project and order an Egg for $ 31 here.