Boon Glo LED light helps your baby fall asleep

It turns out that choosing a night lamp for a child is not such an easy task. It should be not only safe, but also easy to handle, of moderate brightness and pleasant color. Boon of Phoenix, Arizona, USA has developed a unique children's bedroom night light Boon Glo.

It is an LED lamp that can change the intensity of the light and its shades. A child can pick up any of the luminous spheres without any fear of getting burned, since they do not have the usual electrical components and they do not heat up.

The spheres are removable and, thus, they turn into a luminous, fabulous toy, next to which the baby falls asleep calmly. Within half an hour, the miracle lamp goes out. The lamp is compact (21 x 21, 6 x 25 cm), economical and, moreover, each customer can choose their favorite color.